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    Wednesday, 8 April 2015

    Talent Conditionals in Warcraft Macros

    It is possible to add a conditional into a macro that checks your talent selection and assign spells based on your talent choice.

    It doesn't just give you the talent chosen it even allows you to put in a replacement spell for talent choices that are passive and when combined with the spec variable can allow 1 macro to cover a potential 9 spells for most classes and 12 for druids!

    As an example of the basic format as a Disc priest my tier 7 talents are:
    • Clarity of Will (a castable bubble);
    • Words of Mending (a passive ability that auto casts a mana free Prayer of Mending);
    • Saving Grace (a castable heal);
    Now what I can do is have a macro that casts Clarity of Will or Saving Grace if I chose either of those 2 spells but if I chose the passive ability I can also make the keybind do something else (I will make my choice here to be Prayer of Mending but it could equally be Hearthstone)

    /cast [talent:7/1] Clarity of Will; [talent:7/2] Prayer of Mending; [talent:7/3] Saving Grace;

    However, it could have equaly been three spells with no relation to the talents and that is what makes it better than dragging the talent to your bar:

    /cast [talent:7/1] Smite; [talent:7/2] Mind Sear; [talent:7/3] Leap of Faith;

    Now something else that I've know for a few years is that there is a spec;1/2 condional you can use in a macro. So if I want to cast Smite as Disc and Heal as Holy I can use this:

    /cast [spec:1]Heal;[spec:2]Smite

    So therefore it should be possible to combine the 2 conditionals to produce a macro that checks your spec and talents!

    A good example is the tier 7 talents as Holy Priests don't get Clarity of Will they get Clarity of Purpose which changes the way Prayer of healing works and renames the spell Clarity of Purpose so now what you can do is add in a spec conditional to the macro so it casts Clarity of Purpose for holy priests (this assumes you have Disc as the main spec and holy as the second spec.

    /cast [spec:1,talent:7/1] Clarity of Will; [spec:2,talent:7/1] Clarity of Purpose; [talent:7/2] Prayer of Mending; [talent:7/3] Saving Grace;

    If you use Clique you can import this macro straight into Clique to replace the spell (remember to drop the #showtooltip) and Vuhdo users can ofc use this macro by calling the macro Name rather than the spell name.
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    Wednesday, 18 March 2015

    Evangelysm Podcast Show 7, Season 1.

    Show 7, Season 1, 17 March 2015.

    Your browser does not support the HTML5 Audio element.

    The past week I have been mostly....
    1.    PVP druid: lvl35 long Qs levelling by herbing and cook/fish/pet battle dailies.
    2.    Garrisonless shaman: Got another level and Shadowmoon now complete
    3.    Evlyxx II: been neglected this week /hangs head in shame
    4.    Evlyxx: 8/10 BRF progress on Maidens. 4pce at last half normal
    5.    Exhumed: now been made GM but still not promoted coming soon!!
    6.    Hearthcast AoE appearance
    7.    IRL: Changes incoming to my life schedule that may force a show change. Still trying to work out details in my head as nothing is confirmed and times are still fluid.
    and now the news...

    General News
    •    BlizzCon will be November 5th and 6th 2015
    •    Tickets $199 USD via Eventbrite at 3 am BST on 16 April and 6 pm BST on 18 April.
    •    Players now deal 10% less damage against other players while in PvP combat.

    Raid News
    •    MC BRF: 19 guilds now have killed MC Blackhand
    •    12 EU guilds, 4 Chinese, 2 Korean, 1 US guild.
    •    3 Alliance and 16 Horde
    •    Blood Legion leaving the World First race for now.
    •    Blizzard confirmed that you get more legendary drops on alts.
    •    BUG FIX: Blackhand - Siegemaker's Battering Ram ability is no longer considered to be an AoE attack on all difficulties.

    Priest News
    •    BUG FIX: Cascade will now properly use the casting Priest's Multistrike chance for bounces beyond the first one.

    Ranty News
    •    hotfix next week that will increase the item level of all raid drops from all difficulties of the Blackrock Foundry raid.

    Talk Talk
    Was all about class balance

    Mail Time
    Syene (@_3ske) said: Divine Insight does make PoM instant although not reflected in the tooltip;

    This is How We Do It
    This week what I looked at the tier 6 or level 90 talents.

    In next week's Talk Talk I'll be looking at the standard Blizzard UI and why I don't use it. I'd love to hear if you use the standard UI and your reasons for why you do or don't use it.

    Please contact
    the show by email to:

    or alternatively via Twitter
    to the show: @EvangelysmCast
    or to me: @Evlyxx
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    Tuesday, 10 March 2015

    Evangelysm Podcast Show 6, Season 1.

    Show 6, Season 1, 9 March 2015.

    Your browser does not support the HTML5 Audio element.

    The past week I have been mostly....
    1. Not levelling my druid Ursula on Aszune by PVP but by herbing and cook/fish/pet battle dailies;
    2. Not logging onto my garrisonless shaman;
    3. Getting Evlyxx to 7/10 in HC BRF and progress on Maidens;
    4. Playing shadow in RBGs on Evlyxx;
    5. Neglecting Evlyxx II beside Garrison missions;
    6. Becoiming the new GM of Exhumed;
    7. Being eliminated from the Wow podcaster Tournament of Epicness because I failed the cut;
    8. Appearing on Girls Gone WoW - show 171;
    9. I'm now getting comfortable with doing this show and am now looking to upgrade my equipment;
    10. Preparing to man up and start begging the accountant (aka wife)  for some fundsfor the above;

    General News
    WoW Token;
    6.1.2 now on PTR;
    BUG FIX: Dark Heart of Pandaria (Scenario) bug fixed;

    Raid News
    Mythic Race: Grats to Midwinter for world 3rd / Alliance-US  1st.
    3 tanks?BUG FIX: fall damage on Blackhand

    Priest News
    BUG FIX: Archangel should no longer incorrectly increase Flash Heal's mana cost.
    BUG FIX: Vampiric Embrace should no longer incorrectly factor in damage caused by Searing Insanity.

    Talk Talk
    Was all about instance difficulty and what would make it better

    Mail Time
    email from Dan (@TheSteakhaus) about class balance;
    Jon (@jvirangaming) asked: What comes after talents and complained about my levels;

    This is How We Do It
    This week what I looked at the tier 5 or level 75 talents.

    Next week my Talk Talk section will be focusing on  class balance in Warlords of Draenor and I'd love to hear your views and personal experiences on this so please contact the show  by
    email to
    or alternatively via Twitter
    to the show: @EvangelysmCast
    or to me: @Evlyxx
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    Saturday, 7 March 2015

    Evangelysm Podcast Show 5, Season 1.

    Show 5, Season 1, 2 March 2015.

    Your browser does not support the HTML5 Audio element.

    The past week I have been mostly....
    I've started 2 whacky WoW projects this week the 1st is levelling my shaman through Draenor without a garrison, so far it has been quite difficult as there are not many quests once you hit the point where the next step is to build the garrison. Getting around is also difficult as I have no quick way to get to Shadowmoon Valley from Ashran which is where I decided to set my hearthstone. The 2nd is levelling a new druid but only via PVP. Very early days on this one.

    In my raiding I missed a guild first kill of Kromog because I was working but was able to be there as Exhumed went 7/10 HC with an Oregorger kill.

    The guild has taken a fair chunk of my time out of game lately as we've had a few retirements through people becoming bored with the content and the great white hope that was 6.1 failed to deliver any new content. This means we're needing 2 mêlée DPS, 2 ranged DPS and a healer so if you're interested in raiding Wednesday and Thursday 2100-midnight in the EU apply at, tweet me @evlyxx or email me

    General News
    • Realm connections are complete, for the moment at least.
    • Some dungeons have had shortcuts blocked off in undocumented changes in patch 6.1 and this may lead to the resetting of some Challenge Mode dungeon leaderboard times.
    • Players are now able to whisper or send party invites to players on any realm.
    Raid News
    • Paragon have joined Method in being 10/10 in Mythic Blackrock Foundry, the US 1st and Alliance firsts are still up for grabs with MidWinter in pole position to claim both with Blood Legion and ScrubBusters close behind them.
    • Drak'Tharon Keep: Fixed an issue where Novos the Summoner was unkillable on Heroic difficulty.
    • Culling of Stratholme: Fixed an issue where the Dark Runed Chest after defeating Mal'Ganis could not be looted on Heroic difficulty.
    Priest News
    • Saving Grace (Disc, Holy) now heals for 34% less in PvP combat and now correctly reduce absorbs done (absorption taken).
    • PvP 2-piece set bonus effect for Shadow Priests is now removed at the beginning of a boss encounter. The set bonus will still work during the encounter.
    • The Glyph of Purification is no longer bind on pickup

    Talk Talk

    What is Ashran

    The ultimate objective of this battleground is for each faction is to kill the opposing faction's leader. When the Battleground is won by either side, there is a 5 minute pause; after which, the Battleground simply restarts fresh at the Crossroads.

    Before you can defeat the enemy faction's leader, you must win several "battles" along the Road to Glory (NOT the side events)

    In every Ashran instance, the population of both factions is tightly controlled to maintain equal numbers.

    Ashran Design Goals

    Blizzard's primary goal with Ashran was to create a zone where two factions were competing against each other throughout the zone. Players entering Ashran have two motivations: earn 200 conquest to fulfill the Ashran bonus portion of their conquest cap, and kill the faction boss for their daily chance at loot from the Gleaming Ashmaul Strongbox. 

    The problem pre-6.1

    There was the ability for both sides to get the same reward at two different places at the same time as players could earn that conquest by either killing the faction boss or by doing events, and there was this unofficial player defined rule that Alliance did one and the Horde did the other, which faction did what was generally dependent on the server cluster you were on. 

    Ashran simply was devoid of real PvP and both sides earned their reward.

    Blizzard's Fix

    Blizz removed conquest from the bosses knowing full well this meant the Alliance and Horde would be forced to compete against each other in events for conquest. They also "knew" that facing new opposition at events, the Horde would once again engage in the central road. Quite how they "knew" this fact is beyond me as there is no reward for killing the opposing factions boss. 

    Blizz acknowledged that killing a faction boss only to receive the 600 ilvl Aspirant gear wasn’t motivating so they removed that from the Gleaming Ashmaul Strongbox so it will always award either Combatant (ilevel 620) or Gladiator (ilevel 660) gear. But the drop rate is pathetically small for a once a day shot.

    The Problem post-6.1

    In sort there is no PVP in Ashran, the epic tug of war along the Road to Glory just simply doesn't happen often enough because after the first kill where every got rewarded with their Gleaming Ashmaul Strongbox and failed to get their epic players move to the events as here lies their Conquest points and when new people join the "battle" nobody goes to help these guys get their Strongbox, which means everyone is now sat at the the events. 

    But, I hear you cry, surely that means there is PVP there? Well Blizz claim there is increased competition between the two factions in both events and the main road. But maybe my luck is bad or my timing is off because I'm not seeing that at all. 

    What I'm seeing is queue times have droped, no main raid group killing the faction bosses and the Alliance camping the quarry and burial grounds while the Horde are camping the Stadium and the Ogre event. As an Alliance player if we move to the Horde event areas, we get butchered because of the tunneling effect of each arena and if the Horde try to come to Alliance events the same happens to them.

    My biggest issue is that the whole purpose of Ashran has been removed, killing the faction bosses because the events are where the guaranteed rewards are.

    I cannot understand why the events are not simply a way of boosting your factions chance of success in killing the faction bosses. For example when the faction bosses are reset each event generates some bonus and only once all 4 events have occurred are the faction bosses spawned. Once spawned the side events stop until one faction boss is defeated and the winner of that battle gets Conquest and a Gleaming Ashran Stronbox and then after 5 minutes the events start again. 

    This would encourage both factions to do everything in Ashran, because each thing happens once per battle and the faction that wins most events has the better chance of killing the opposing faction boss, sure this sounds like Alterac Valley but wasn't the overall goal of Ashran to reproduce the epic AV battles of vanilla? 

    Mail Time
    So this week I've got my first real e-mail, makes me feel a little bit humble as previously it has come from people I knew before the show started.

    Bruce (@btarro2) asked 3 questions:
    1. What drew you to the priest class above all others? 

    I was told by the friend that got me interested in WoW, that a healer was the best thing to play as you always found a group easy and that priests were the best healers. In D&D I'd also played mainly clerics and this was the nearest thing to that in WoW so I stuck went with it and have never looked back. 

    2. Do you have any plans on complementing the priest information in the podcast with youtube content as well? 

    In a perfect world, I'd love to do this, but real world commitments and wanting to play wow means the time isn't there to do it regularly. Also, having a slow (2meg) connection means that streaming is impossible so until British Telecom put the infrastructure in to give me fibre speeds that is merely a dream. But when that happens I may start streaming as I can play and do the videos live which removes the need for editing which in itself is time consuming.

    3. Maybe some recorded raid/pvp footage as an overlay to your podcast you publish on youtube.

    This is something I hadn't considered but I may try that for this show and see how long the upload takes as this is something I can do while I sleep and/or while I'm at work.

    This is How We Do It

    This week what we're looking at the tier 4 or level 60 talents. Like the tier 1 & 2 talents, the choices are the same regardless of role and spec. 

    Void Tendrils root upto 5 targets for 20 seconds or until the tendril is killed, this is my default choice for PvE because if I have aggro on an enemy I can kite it to my tank and root it in place while I return to the safety of range which will force mêlée mobs to hit the nearest target. 

    Void Tendrils also are much safer to use in PvE than Psychic Scream, an AoE fear that causes upto 5 enemies with 8 yards to run away for 8 seconds. There are times when fear is safe to use though so it can be useful. However, it is exceptional in PvP and depending on the group your in can be much better than the third option, Mind Control.

    Mind Control is now known as Dominate Mind and it allows a priest to control an enemy for upto 30 seconds as long as that enemy isn't mechanical. MC has uses in PvE and has been needed on certain fights Razuvious in Naxxramas was the biggest one where all a priest would do on the fight was MC adds that would off-tank the boss. However, the most common use for MC is in PvP and is exceptionally good at removing enemies off of cliffs, like the lumber mill in Arathi Basin and the central flag area in Eye of the Storm. I also had great fun throwing adds off the edge in Vortex Pinnacle during early Cataclysm but eventually this got hot fixed as I discovered when the 4 adds that I had MCd off the edge came running into the fight on the last boss. Which caused a lot of laughs on TS with my guildmates. Thankfully it wasn't pug.
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    Sunday, 1 March 2015

    Sunday Screenshot #46

    Something I have really neglected this expansion is my weekly screenshot, so I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things and I promise I won't be using the S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera.
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    Evangelysm Podcast Show 4, Season 1.

    Show 4, Season 1, 25 February 2015.

    Your browser does not support the HTML5 Audio element.

    The past week I have been mostly....
    1.    Removing the egg from my face, last week I predicted that 6.1 would hit last week. I was wrong but only by a week! So The US already has 6.1 and here in the EU we get it today so I hope you're all enjoying Tweeting from in game and posting your SELFIES!

    2.    Mount farming, yes still But not while I have been queuing for Ashran, I've given up trying that until next week! My route takes in Dragon Soul for the Blazing Drake and Experiment 12-B, Onyxia, ICC25 for Invincible, Zul'Gurub for the Panther and Raptor mounts, Stonecore and Vortex Pinnacle for the drakes, Sethekk Halls for Anzu (yes I know you got it in TBC), Firelands for Smoldering Egg of Millagazor and Pureblood Firehawk and Throne of the Four Winds for the Drake of the South Wind. But next week I won't need to go to the Throne of the Four Winds as my hunter, Vonuberwald managed to get the Drake of the South Wind, on his first visit but I had been many times before!

    3.    Evlyxx has been raiding of course and this week we got Flamebender Ka'graz down on HC and on our weekend normal BRF run we did the achievement on Ka'graz of not killing Aknor Steelbringer which means he is now one of my Garrison followers.

    4.    I actually did some PVP this week too with loads of 3s with a hunter, Alkathraze and Funjitsu a brewmaster monk we had a lot of laughs and a reasonably fast Conquest cap. I also had a run out with the RBG team last night and while we won most of our battles we still have a lot of improvements to make but considering we started late this year due to a visit by the drama lama our RBG team is looking very promising and the leadership trio of Dumix, Appljack and Dyloxe are doing a fine job.

    5.    IRL stuff has been really boring and the reason the show is late out this week is because my shifts this week suck as it is Monday/Tuesday days and Wednesday/Thursday nights so I miss out on raiding and deliver the show late to you guys and gals. Sadly this will happen 2 or 3 weeks in a row every 2 months but hopefully I'll find a job with a better work schedule soon and then I can have a defined 7 day week and have a regular day of getting the show out to you all. Anyway that's a different story for a different day.

    In the news this week:
    Blackhand has been defeated by Method and at the time of recording only Method. So congratulations to them on a true World 1st as the US guilds have now entered their 3rd week mythic raiding. There has been some drama around this as there have been accusations of cheating by account sharing and I'll cover that in a bit more depth in this week's Talk Talk which is all about Exploiting WoW inspired by this very topic.

    6.1 has hit the servers, Twitter has remained stable which means most of the naysayers and doom prophets got it wrong, or I follow the right people!

    Talk Talk...WoW Exploits.

    So last week Method killed mythic Blackhand and the accusations of cheating started almost before Blackhand hit the ground and took his last breath. The crime that Method stand accused of is account sharing.  Now cast your mind back to Christmas time, not to the turkey and your presents but to a pair of guys named Reckful and Sodah who were banned for account sharing while streaming and openly admitting they were playing each other's accounts, stupid boys that they were.

    The method of Method's alleged account sharing is slightly different though, the accusers claim that certain players created a 2nd account and then transferred their geared alt to it to allow a 2nd person to play the geared alt instead of playing their own lesser geared character. Now this is harder to prove as the alleged incident wasn't streamed and unless the 2 players were playing at different locations and not masking their IP addresses to be the same, it is perfectly acceptable to have 2 Warcraft licences online from the same Battlenet account at the same time. So really unless the Method guys are dumbasses their guilt cannot be proven.

    But this type of cheating, and let's be honest if the accusations are true it is cheating,  is far from new.
    Back in Vanilla anyone who wanted to become Grand Marshall or High Warlord account shared. Each servers PVP community at the time decided on the weekly winner of the title and that guy (or gal) was guaranteed the title because they would be played 24 hours a day for the 7 days and the only way that is possible is to account share.

    Also in Vanilla there were raid exploits, Razorgore the first boss in Blackwing Lair could exploited by Alliance guilds by casting Divine Intervention on him in the first phase which reset the fight and when Divine Intervention wore off the fight restarted in phase 2! In Ahn'Qiraj 40, one guild discovered that you could amend the game files and fall through the floor after the first boss and end up at the last boss!

    There have also been other "exploits" that have been widely used as a valid tactic because guilds cheesed mechanics by clever positioning of bosses and/or players fights like Bloodlord Mandokir in the original Zul'Gurub could be cheesed by the whole raid, except the tanks, hiding behind spears or standing on a ledge that the raptor pet he had couldn't charge a random victim. Prince Malchezzar in Karazhan could be made considerably easier by the ranged and healers standing in the doorway when fighting the boss as the infernals couldn't land there, while never confirmed a fix was implemented in 2.4.

    Also in TBC was the rumoured cheating on the world first Lady Vashj kill. The exploit was to purposely wipe at 20 percent and have a paladin use Divine Intervention, Vashj will reset to Phase 2 and as her HP is connected to the pillars, the HP will disappear when they despawn leaving her at 1 HP, a priest uses a soulstone and then uses Shadow Word: Death to kill her.

    In Wrath, the world first kills of Yogg Saron and the Lich King were overturned because of guilds cheating. The first by making killer adds evade and the latter by making the platform rebuild itself by throwing engineering bombs.

    Back in Dragon Soul the world first guilds, including Paragon and Method, found a way to exploit the loot by trading loot to characters that had already had their once a week chance of loot.

    All this shows is that the world first guilds will stop at nothing to get their world first kills and really if that means so much to these folk let them cheat their way to the top. It matters not to me nor to most WoW players who killed a boss first and the only way these guys get remembered is to have some controversy linked to the kill. Personally I kill raid bosses for the achievement not the public worshipping me, as if that is liable to happen!

    Anyway grats to Method on their kill, cheats or not they earned the respect of us all however brief that glory moment will be.

    Mail Time

    I'd like to thank Rho of Realm Maintenance and Extended Maintenance for plugging this show on his show and also to Alt of Alternative Chat and Extended Maintenance for the retweets /bow to you both.

    This week I have received some feedback about the show from 2 guildies in Exhumed of Shadowsong EU, Appléjack and Dyloxe who both love the show and also gave me some feedback on the audio quality of the show. So thanks to them and the other guildies that listen so hi to Alkathraze, Irnotholy and Yamï.

    As good as it is to get feedback from guildies I'd still love to hear from my less biased listeners so if please email me at or via either of my Twitter accounts.

    The show account is: @EvangelysmCast
    My personal twitter account is: @evlyxx
    And I'll wrap up today's show with my tip section...

    This is How We Do It

    This week what we're going to look at is the tier 3 or level 45 talents. For the first time the talents now vary between specs here, but only between healer and DPS specs.

    As I'll spend more time on the healer stuff I'll look briefly at the 2 that are different for our shadowy friends.

    The first is Surge of Darkness and in short this turns Mind Spike into an instant cast spell that deals 50% more damage and does not remove DoTs as it normally would. This is great for fights with high movement and as you can save your procs for when you're on the move.

    The third choice is Insanity, which transforms Mind Flay into a more powerful spell, 100% more powerful, for 6 seconds after consuming a Shadow Orb. This one is great for fights were you can turret for long periods.

    For us healers, this tier of talents is all about mana savings. The first option is Surge of Light, each heal and smite you cast has a chance to cause the next Flash Heal to be instance and consume no mana. Personally I think this one is great for holy priests and also for discipline priests in RBGs where healers are the primary target. But in PVE this talent is very lack lustre.

    The second choice is Mindbender, now the observant ones of tyou may have noticed I went from first to third in my Shadow section, the reason for that is that the Mindbender is the same for all three specs. This simply reduces the cooldown of your Shadowfiend, note he is not a Shadowfriend, and over 15 seconds will deal a crap ton of damage. Since 5.0, I've been saying that the damage output of Shadowfiend's needs nerfing not by a lot but the mana return needs to stay the same. However, 6.1 sees our little shadowy friend gets a 33% BUFF as it will last 5 seconds more.

    And last, and by no means least, is Power Word: Solace which converts your Holy Fire into  Power Word: Solace which increases its damage and returns 2% mana when cast which we can do every 10 seconds. This became my default choice last week because I worked out why top end priests were using Solace over Mindbender, but the 33% buff to Mindbender in 6.1 makes that my default choice once more, because mana > DPS output right now.
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    Sunday, 22 February 2015

    Evangelysm Podcast Show 3, Season 1.

    Before I cover what the show is all about this week I'd just like to share my current set of Weak Auras for all 3 priest specs as I have just updated my Shadow ones:

    Show 3, Season 1, 18 February 2015.

    Your browser does not support the HTML5 Audio element.

    In the past week I have been mostly....

    1. Doing the garrison grind on my Alliance toons on the Shadowsong - Aszune connected realm. And yes it does really get more boring each week and yes I'm almost at breaking point with it. That said I have pushed my last 2 toons into Draenor, my monk was smuggled away via the power of a warlock summon (thanks to Mettah, Alkathraze and Misanthropé for assisting in that exercise and I also took my druid, Mugruith the proper way and OMG druids need a nerf at that level one Starsurge and things die and if when I got cocky I simply moonfired half a dozen mobs and then starfalled and pulled in another half a dozen to dot up and simply looted their rotting corpses at my feet!
    2. On Evlyxx I have been mainly farming mounts (fruitlessly as it turns out) while waiting for my Ashran queue to pop. Which has consumed a lot of time for very little reward and I'm hoping the fixes coming soon will stop that.
    3. Killing 2 new heroic bosses also on Evlyxx, in Blackrock Foundry, Hans'gar and Franzok which was possibly the funniest fight to listen to ever and Operator Thogar, he with the trainset and man what a fight that is and I am asheamed to admit I failed horribly at dodging trains on more than one occasion and here is a free tip to all of you, if you have to move off of a track don't dither, don't change your mind because you'll end up dead and that applies to any fight not just Thogar!
    4. I also cleared 9/10 Blackrock on our casual guild raid this weekend and failed to get any gear from there and
    5. Evlyxx II also got some raid action this week in my second outing with the lovely folks of Cotton Candy and we managed to kill HC Kargath and got close on Twins and Tectus.
    6. I'm also considering renaming Evlyxx II because, it is really confusing having 2 toons on the same connected realm with the same name especially when I'm trying to talk through this section.
    7. I've also spent a good portion of time learning some more tricks in Audacity and hopefully over the coming weeks you'll hear the difference in the show as I get better with the software and techniques of audio production.

    Raid News
    At the time of recording Mythic Blackhand still remains the undefeated champion of Black Rock Foundry and only Paragon and Method look like real challengers this week as both are 9/10 Mythic. There are many guilds at 8/10 and all are stuck on Blast Furnace. And having done that fight only on normal and found it both challenging and dull god only knows how these guys are feeling about it as their bashing their heads against the wall
    I also found it rather comical that many US guilds were proudly announcing "world firsts" on Mythic bosses last Tuesday despite their 24 hour head start on the EU guys and yes technically they were correct but seriously its almost as bad as the Super Bowl winners declaring themselves as World Champions
    This week also saw Blizzard announce major graphical overhauls to the engine running Warcraft that are coming in 6.1 and these are of course already live on the PTR. The changes sound great and are evidence that Blizzard are trying to make the game prettier than ever and of course future proofing it. Hopefully wont screw over those players with lesser systems as they are optional upgrades.

    Talk Talk
    This week, I decided, wrongly as it turns out that the patch would drop in the EU on Wednesday18th February (it is actually coming Wednesday 25th February) and rather than go through EVERYTHING, I just covered what interests me most with a heavy focus on priests and raiding but I will go through in the order that I found the patch notes on the official site, but I will cover the priest changes at the end.

    Rather than post everything I covered just take a peek at the official 6.1 patch site here.

    Mail Time
    I'm still getting no mail and this week I failed to even get any questions / feedback via Twitter or the guild /cry.

    However, I have nominated myself for Sheep Moon's 2015 Podcaster Tournament of Epicness and I'd like to ask you all that you go and nominate me and any other podcasters that you listen to. You have until Feb 24th which really isn't far away so go and do it now by visiting the Sheep Moon site here.

    So I really really really want to hear from you guys and gals so please email me at:

    If you'd like to get in touch with me the email address is:

    The show twitter account is:

    My personal twitter account is:

    As usual, I ended the show with my tips section...

    This is How We Do It
    This week what I looked at was the tier 2 or level 30 talents. As we had in the first tier talents all priest specs have the same three talent options.

    This tier of talents is all about movement, the first option is Body and Soul which increases the movement speed of the target of your Power Word: Shield and Leap of Faith Icon Leap of Faith by 60% for 4 seconds.

    The second choice is Angelic Feather allows you to place up to 3 feathers on the ground. Moving over a feather increases the player's movement speed by 60% for 6 seconds. This ability has a maximum of 3 charges, and a 10-second recharge time.

    And finally we have Phantasm causes your Fade to remove all movement-impairing effects from you. It also makes you unslowable for 5 seconds.

    My favorite is and always has Body and Soul because it allows full control over who gets your speed buffs it is also passive as being Disc  you're already putting bubbles on your raid members. This does cause problems though as if someone needs a speed buff and you shielded them a few seconds before you Weakened Soul prevents you from assisting them It also means they may be unable to get a shield when they need the damage mitigation because you gave them a speed buff a few seconds earlier.

    Angelic Feather gives a longer speed buff but you lose the control as the person you want to speed up must actively running through the feathers left behind which can be consumed by other players.
    Phantasm is more of a PvP talent, and can especially when combined with Spectral Guise, the priest invisibility tier 1 talent we discussed last week. But in PVE it is pretty much useless.
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    Thursday, 12 February 2015

    Evangelysm Podcast Show 2, Season 1.

    Show 2, Season 1, 11 February 2015.

    Your browser does not support the HTML5 Audio element.

    In the past week I have been mostly....
    1.    working IRL and promoting the podcast
    2.    Gearing up Evlyxx II and doing some more relaxed raiding in Highmaul with the wonderful folks of Cotton Candy
    3.    Raiding Blackrock Foundry with the wonderful people of Exhumed, on Shadowsong EU but only 1 day cos of server issues.
    4.    Doing a lot of preparation for raid leading in Blackrock Foundry

    In this section I reviewed:
    •    WoW Stable at 10+ Million Subscribers;
    •    Blackrock Foundry goes Mythic (no LFR);
    •    In 6.1, Saving Grace one of the priests level 100 talents is being buffed by 50% and becoming an instant cast (currently 1.5 seconds). As this would be insanely strong in PVP it is then beig nerfed by 33% in PvP.

    Talk Talk
    My topic of the week was Twitter integration because in patch 6.1 Blizzard are giving us the ability to link a Twitter account to our WoW account and send "tweets" from inside the game, including attaching a screenshot.

    Now WoW isn't breaking new ground with Twitter integration, far from it, Rift had this when it launched back in 2011 and I personally liked this feature in Rift for the short time I played it.

    The UI is unobtrusive and if you don't use Twitter you'll not be affected in anyway. If you are a Twitter user you probably Tweet about the game already and this feature is simply saving you the effort of grabbing your phone or alt-tabbing out to do that especially when it comes to attaching screenshots.

    Of course there are concerns, and there are the "slippery slope" arguments like:
    • omg my twitter account will start spamming my followers with every single achievement - I'm sure there will be the ability to choose what you tweet, if there isn't simply unlink your Twitter account and tweet as you do now.
    • I don't want to see everyone else's tweet spam. Well 2 things for this one why are you following someone if you don't wanty to see their Tweets? If someone is Tweet spamming your feed simply un-follow them or let them know their spam is annoying, they may not realise it. Heck I know this one from personal experience, I played with adding a RSS feed from the armoury to my Twitter account and it spammed my followers with every epic I looted, every raid boss I killed and every achievement I obtained and that included stuff on alts, from all expansions and as someone that ran many fun runs with my guildmates through ICC, Ulduar and the like on a Saturday that was a lot of tweets and I got a lot of complaints all justified. I soon broke that link.
    • we'll soon see Blizzard offering promotions to "Tweet about #Warlords to win a free battlepet" or "Tweet your favorite character for 100 free garrison resources!" Even if it does happen it won't be game breaking and only viewed as compulsory by haters.
    • others are concerned that when we kill bosses and it will pop up "Want to share this with your friends?". I'm 99.99% certain it won't and even if it does if it annoys you that much again unlinking your Twitter account will disable the feature.
    • there are also concerns over the api allowing addons to seize  control of your Twitter account, if that happens don't use the addon or once again, and I hate to say it again, simply don't link your Twitter account.

    So for my money, its all good and there are simple steps to stop it being annoying. What are your views?

    If you'd like to get in touch with me the email address is:

    The show twitter account is:

    My personal twitter account is:
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    Evangelysm Podcast Show 1, Season 1

    Show 1, Season 1, 3 February 2015.

    Your browser does not support the HTML5 Audio element.

    In this show I looked briefly at the big news of the week which was:
    • Blackrock Foundry opens with Normal and Heroic difficulties available.
    • World boss  Rukhmar becomes available in Spires of Arak.
    In the Talk Talk section of the the current secondary stats and how viable they actually were. 

    At the beginning of Warlords the secondary stats changed. In Mists we had Critical Strike, Haste, Mastery, Hit, Expertise, Dodge, Parry.
    • Critical Strike: Increases your chance to get bonus damage/heals
    • Haste: Increases the speed of your attacks/heals
    • Mastery: Increases a spec specific bonus to your abilities
    • Spirit: Increase mana regen for healers and hit for damage dealers
    • Hit: Increases your chance to successfully land an attack on your target = GONE!
    • Expertise: Decreases the chance of your target to dodge your attack = GONE!
    • Dodge: Increase your chance to avoid all attacks regardless of direction = GONE!
    • Parry: Increases your chance to avoid attacks from the front = GONE!

    Crit, mastery and haste are great stats as is spirit for us healers, but even to me, there seemed to be duplicity there as hit and expertise always felt like they did the same thing and for casters in Mists that was the case.

    Dodge and parry are very different in the real world, but in game they were only tank stats and therefore achieved the same thing, unless the tank decided to not be facing off with the target.

    One of Blizzard's reasons for removal of these stats is that they were unexciting, which let's be honest, they were.

    So it made sense when they announced the removal of those stats. But rather than remove the stats they were replaced. The stats that were added were:
    • Bonus Armor: Increases armor & is stronger than other stats for tanks.
    • Versatility: Increases damage and healing, and reduces damage taken
    • Multistrike: A chance for your damage/healing abilities to repeat at 30%
    Now is it me or does there seem to be duplicity once more, with the exception of Bonus Armour?  Which seems to be a great stat and therefore is just fine by me.

    Versatility introduces a new concept, reduction of incoming damage as well as boosting our damage/healing output. But couldn't this have been rolled into armour by making armour reduce spell damage as well as physical? Would that have broken PvP by making casters ineffective? Maybe but just have armour work differently in PvP by NOT reducing armour, it's how it works anyway, so no harm no foul. While in principle it is not a bad stat it is just plain old dull, less interesting than hit and expertise. So dull I can't think of a reason to carry on talking about it.

    My real biggest pet hate is Multistrike. It sounds great, we all love free attacks right? While for some classes this is a mathematically wonderful stats it is simply a bad stat, it is lazy and also seems to be counter to another design philosophy to counter lag in encounters. Remember when Blizzard told us they had identified smart heals as the cause of lag in encounters and that they want to eliminate the cause by reducing the amount of healing activity in the combat log? Well doesn't multi-strike just repeat that mistake? Are we likely to see a repeat of the lag as our multistrike chances rise? I think we may.  Also isn't this pretty much the same as Critical Strike but instead of doing 100% extra damage it does 30% extra damage. That makes it Critical Strike Lite to me and is that exciting?

    So what is the answer?

    For me Bonus Armour stays, it works perfectly as a tank stat even if there is a question mark on it increasing their damage output.

    Versatility is a dull stat, make it Amplification, which was a planned stat, if there is felt to be a need for more than crit/haste/mastery for damage dealers.

    Multistrike isn't a dull stat but is really very flawed therefore remove it completely and increase the amount of crit on items by 30% to counter its loss in the game.

    If you'd like to get in touch with me the email address is:

    The show twitter account is:

    My personal twitter account is:
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    Monday, 8 December 2014

    10 million. Really?

    IRVINE, Calif.—November 19, 2014—On November 13, millions of Azeroth’s champions enlisted for the war against the Iron Horde with the launch of World of Warcraft®: Warlords of Draenor, the fifth expansion to the world’s #1 subscription-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game.* Blizzard Entertainment today announced that as of the first 24 hours of the expansion’s availability, more than 3.3 million copies had sold-through and the game’s global subscriber base had passed 10 million, with growth across all major regions.

    Sounds good. When you look at it graphically (thanks to MMO-Champion for the graph) it looks great too.

    When I heard this almost 3 weeks ago I was happy, the game I love is once again thriving. Launch day saw sales of the expansion pack hit 3.3 million, back in August it had sold 1.5million copies so between August and November 13th it sold a further 1.8 million copies and during that same period subscriptions rose 2.6 million. Assuming that ALL 1.8million sales were returners (unlikely) we're looking at 800,000 new subscribers that haven't ordered the expansion along with 5.9 million subscribers.

    Maybe it's just me assuming that more people bought expansions on the day. 

    One worrying thing is that, the servers came to a complete standstill across the US and EU realms with 3.3 million players trying to use them at once. According to WoWProgress, there are 120 US realms (counting connected realms as one realm) and 123 EU realms, this means that each realm averaged 13,580 subscribers that bought the expansion on or before launch day and the servers couldn't cope with the demand. 

    I wonder if this means that some connected realms could now be at risk of being over populated? What would happen? Especially if one half of the connected realm get over populated? This could have a crippling effect on guilds, especially on guilds that have the majority of their members from the sister realm rather than the realm the guild was formed on.
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    Sunday, 23 November 2014

    Sunday Screenshot #45

    A week further on and the crowds of players seems to have pretty much disappeared, no more server queues, very few bugs and most importantly, garrisons seem to be able to be trusted again. So much so that I have now started to log off there on all my alts that have one.

    The daily routine is setting in too and this means many taxi rides around the world to the quest hubs and this week's screenshot comes from one such journey as I was flying over Shattrath. Shattrath was always a great city and the version we have in Draenor is stunning, one I'm really sad we wont be inhabiting unless we get a patch to cleanse it of the demon invasion and if that happens I'll be a happy man.

    Moving on, this week is the start of the 10 years of WoW celebrations and Exhumed involved early on with a guild Molton Core lfr run and to celebrate, I've included a second bonus pic of our run there for you all.

    Sadly we only managed to get 37 guildies/friends on line so we had to pug the last 3 spots but we had a really great time on TeamSpeak and the scariest moments were when I could recall the strategies not only for most bosses, but also the trash packs. To make that a bit more concerning, I wasn't even a raid leader back then and even as late as Naxxramas (Wrath edition) I was horrified at the thought of doing so. 
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    Sunday, 16 November 2014

    Sunday Screenshot #44

    The Sunday Screenshot is back and today I'm celebrating dinging 100, finally. The road to 100 has been frustrating. Not because the Warlords of Draenor questing is rubbish (which it is NOT) but because the servers have been awful. I'm a vetaran in this game and I've experienced launch day on every expansion. 

    TBC was my first, on the launch day I went to my local Game store and purchased the CE box at 9am (as it happens I was served by a certain John Bain before he went off to the US), there was no problem logging on at 10am, yes there was lag, yes there was a shortage of mobs but players grouped together for quests and shared kills, we made friends there were pretty much no douchebags and we had no server crashes. What the servers were like at the midnight switch over I cannot comment.

    My second experience was Wrath and my guild decided to have some midnight launch fun. I decided to take part late and hadn't pre-ordered. At midnight, I went to the local supermarket and bought myself a copy of the standard edition (which irks me as it is the only CE I'm missing), returned home and was on line by 1:30am, again no problems logging on, server was laggy, very laggy we got DCd, we got straight back on and after a while, the Northrend realms crash, I rolled a DK and did the whole starting area without anything more than a bit of lag, OK a lot of lag. After the first few hours everything was smooth.

    Cataclysm was the third launch, once again I was taking part in this at midnight, I pre-ordered the CE box and this arrived ahead of time and I was ready to go at midnight when Blizzard restarted the servers. We had log on issues, the start zones were chaos, there was lag, servers crashed but as had happened in Wrath, afer the first few hours everything was smooth.

    In Mists I once again took part in the launch at midnight, I pre-ordered the CE box and was very disappointed when this didn't arrive ahead of time. My guildies all ordered the digital edition and were online and playing at midnight. The servers did not need a restart this time but, if I remember correctly, players needed to log out and back in to activate their access, the login servers got swamped and people couldn't log back in. I was getting the itch to join in though and decided to buy a digital edition and beg for my money back when I upgraded to the CE (this didn't happen but I did get my std edition key back to reuse). I got in and there was lag and a buggy quest which was only allowing one person to do it at a time /facepalm. However this was fixed quickly and while there was a bit of lag around certain quest hubs the game was very playable  after the first few hours.

    This year, I once again oredered the CE and hoped to get it ahead of time, I didn't and once again caved in and bought a standard digital edition knowing that I would get the key back to reuse or gift. I did this because I wanted to play and play early, I had booked time off work that the following 2 nights to be able to get to 100 before the weekend. The servers once again didn't need a restart, and we didn't need to relog. However, as usually happens the servers couldn't cope with the demands and there wa lag, quest congestion and DCs. Once getting past the initial starting experience we all got driven into the garrisons. The garrison is an instanced area, there is no portal or load screen but it IS instanced.

    The servers could not cope and players got DC's and then couldn't log back in because the character was either not found or already logged in. After an hour of this I decided to give up and go to bed and just play normally Thursday morning. This I did for about an hour before I went back to the garrison for a quest. Then I hit the same wall as I had the night before, many guildies were in the same position and eventually the server crashed and freed us all. I continued playing and that evening the problem happened again more players were stuck and when zoning into the garrison, a personal instanced location, the garrisons were full of other players all unable to move without DCing.

    I decided to switch to one of my other level 90s, when Itried to log on I got to 90% load bar and then DC'd I repeated this on 4 characters before deciding to try a lowerlevel alt, I got in. So now on expansion launch day I was only able to play low level characters, After being unable to play, I decided to go to bed aerly and try Friday morning, Friday was basically the same deal, everyone that used the garrison was unable to play. Guildies that avoided them managed to level quite quickly. To ease the problems Blizzard reduced server capacity which resulted in every server being locked and having queues. So if you were unlucky enough to get DCd, you'd most likely hit a queue.

    Saturday was a day I feared the worst as more players were going to want to play, I logged on early and decided to avoid anything garrison related and that strategy worked amazingly well as I stayed on line all day and got to 99 before I had to sleep. However, other people had all the issues of the previous 2 day. Warlords of Draenor has truly been the worst launch of a WoW expansion pack. 

    I'm sure that the reason is because of server connections because while these are not officially mergers, the realms are all sharing the same physical servers of only one of the realms. This of course means there are less servers to accommodate the majority of subscribers at once and while this is an unusual occurrence, it is a predictable event as it only happens every expansion and Blizzard really should have been prepared better for this.

    I'm hoping for at least some game time credits for all subscribers, not because I want the compensation (quite frankly this would be 2 days pay for me because of my wasted leave days) but  as an admission from Blizzard that they messed up the launch big time.

    What has your launch experience been like? Did you manage to level to 100 yet? I'd love to see your answers to all 3 questions in the comments below.

     WoW Guild Rankings
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    Saturday, 8 November 2014

    BlizzCon 2014: Day 1

    So BlizzCon 2014 has come and Day 1 gave us some big surprises. The biggest was the lack of Warcraft news.

    With all the hype over the past week about the trademarking of the Eye of Azshara, everyman and his dog wasguessing that this was either Warcraft 4, the next World of Warcraft expansion or an outside shot as the new Hearthstone expansion. Which at least two of the three are now definitely out of the running as the new Hearthstone expansion was announced as Goblins vs Gnomes, and this is hitting the streets, albeit virtual ones, in the next month and will feature on cards of a mechanical nature.

    It is also very unlikely to be be Warcraft 4, as Blizzard decided that their next big title was a new IP. Yes despite officially abandoning project Titan, the FPS MMO, Blizzard have decided that the next big thing they're giving us is to be an FPS, but NOT an MMO, and a certain Jeff Caplan was the man at the helm of the team, sounds like the restart of Titan changed the direction from including an MMO element to the game, which will be called Overwatch. It looks awesome and I'll certainly give a go but my past experiences of FPS style games makes me believe that I'll both suck at it and hate it unless I can play in 3rd person mode because my brain can't cope with the loss of peripheral vision.

    The thing I particulrly like are the graphics which are typically Blizzard cartoon style rather than realistic but there is now a much more polished feel than even the new WoW models. If only they could get this style into WoW...

    This leaves Eye of Azshara as really only a WoW title now, and if that ends up being the case that is fine, I'm just glad the announcement hasn't happened at BlizzCon because, quite frankly, knowing the next expansion content (WoW 7.0)  just a few days before we get the Warlords of Draenor (WoW 6.0) would feel very wrong and detract a lot of focus from the new shiny content before it was even live.

    The fear this creates in me is knowing that we're likely to only get two raid tiers in Warlords and that the chances are we won't get sight of the WoW 7.0 beta until after next BlizzCon which means one of two things:
    1. We're getting two very long tiers of raiding over 18-24 months;
    2. We're getting a third tier of raiding which could mean a Trial of the Crusader/Helion raid;
    Of course there is a third option of us getting an announcement 'soon™' of the expansion and beta is going to happen around spring 2015 (which coincides with Overwatch beta) and the launch will be Winter 2015/2016. But if that is so, what of BlizzCon 2015?

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    Monday, 13 October 2014

    Loot Council: The Exhumed Solution

    Loot is the single biggest headache involved with raiding. The past few weeks it has been something I have been focused on heavily as I prepare to move my guild, Exhumed of Shadowsong EU, into Mythic raiding. We decided a while back to move to Loot Council but hadn't considered the nuts and bolts of how to do this.

    We looked at addons and they really don't add any benefit to the process. therefore I have looked around and come up with a system that I feel will work, be easily managed and simple to explain. One thing that I had to accept was that nothing can avoid disagreements over gear.

    I have also set up the Loot Council to have an odd number of members to avoid a deadlock on a piece of gear. The aim is for loot to be distributed as fairly as possible. I have asked that our raid team do not contest our decisions in the raid and this will mean that we won't be changing our decisions. I have asked that anyone who feels we made an error to discuss it AFTER the raid.

    The only situation whereby a person will have to pass loot to a different person is if the loot Council decide that "person A" should win an item but the Master Looter hands the item to "person B". The correction will be announced by the Master Looter and we then expect that the item be handed immediately to the correct winner by the incorrect winner. This will mean that we have had to ask that people do not gem/enchant/transmog an item for 15 minutes as this may make the item soulbound.

    How to express interest

    Bidding for items will be done in raid chat, to ensure that nothing is missed, raid chat should be kept clear while bidding is in progress. To make sure the raid is not slowed down during this process each item will be open for 15 seconds after the item to bid on is linked during this time you should do 1 of 3 things in /ra:
    • Say MAIN link your equipped item – If the item is a significant upgrade for you in your current spec and role. If this is a piece of Tier and it will activate a set bonus add 2pce or 4 piece to your "bid"
    • Say OFF (no item link) – If the item is a minor upgrade or you’d like it for an off spec.
    • Say nothing – If you have zero interest at all in the item.
    After the 15 second countdown, there will be a "Bids closed" statement. Interest expressed well after this point will not be considered into account (unless there was no one interested at all during the countdown). The council will then write the name of the person they feel should be awarded the item in a private channel and the master looter will then announce a winner. Bidding on the next item will then commence.

    This does of course rely on the bidder being honest when linking their equipped item, this will be policed and anyone found cheating the system will be dealt with very harshly.

    Who will be on the Loot Council?

    The Loot Council will consist of 5 people. These will be 3 officers and 2 of the raid team (decided by a /roll each raid). The raid leader will always be on the council. They each have their own individual personality and are 5 different players. Each council member has 1 vote used to decide who receives an item if there are multiple players interested in an item. ALL loot council members will vote on ALL items, even if a member of the loot council is interested in an item.

    6 Influential factors

    Current rank and position: Players not holding a raider rank will not get loot assigned to them if a player holding a raider rank has bid MAIN. This is to prevent people from joining, getting a few pieces of loot, and then leaving. It is basically a form of DKP. It forces people to have a vested interest in the guild and raiding regularly to receive gear. This may be overlooked based on performance, attendance, or the amount of loot already received during that raid.

    Attendance: Raid attendance is extremely important. If players aren’t here to raid, they’re not going to be able to contribute. Remember that loot drops will be awarded in order to be as effective as possible. This means there is a higher chance that a player who attends 80% of raids will get an item over a player who only attends 50%. This doesn't mean that a person with lower attendance will never get loot, just that persons with higher attendance but equal gear level will get loot earlier.

    Effectiveness: Is it effective for the guild as a whole? Will the raider be able to utilize it and ensure that it does not become useless? We want to ensure that items aren’t going to be wasted by being awarded to alts or off specs unless there is no main interest. A guardian/boomkin Druid looking to obtain a spirit item aren’t going to get it if they’re in raids to only to tank or DPS. It doesn't maximize the effectiveness of the item if it is not being used.

    Current items: A player still wearing gear from the last tier or from a raid difficulty lower than that being run is going to have a higher chance of being awarded an item. Keep in mind that this will not always be the case. In certain situations, while the item in question may be a larger upgrade for a newer player, it could be awarded to a veteran player who has been in there for weeks or months on end trying to get the item.

    Equal distribution: Loot will be distributed as equally as possible to the appropriate classes that need them (at least, we’ll attempt to). It is unlikely for players to receive more than one item from a boss. But it is entirely possible for players to receive multiple items in one run. We cannot control what items a boss drops. The last thing we want to do is shard a piece.

    Set bonuses: If you have an odd number of set pieces (like 1 or 3 set pieces), we want nothing more than to help activate them.

    Self improvement and teamwork

    The main tanks in the guild are able to talk amongst themselves and figure out who needs upgrades over the other first. They do this purely through communication and cooperation by figuring out their weaknesses and identifying the items that benefit them the most. When tank items drop, they are able to compromise.
    I encourage other players to do the same with the other classes or other players wearing similar armor types. As an example, I try to work with the other healers to see who can benefit more.
    During our 10 man days many of the loot drops were handled in this informal way and hopefully that spirit will continue with the new larger raid size, everyone takes turns in passing and are aware who can benefit items the most. It’s the times where there is no informal agreement where the Loot Council will step in and make a decision rather than let the RNG of /roll decide.

    That is the approach we are taking in Exhumed, if you have any comments regarding this I'd love to hear from you either via comments below, email to evlyxx at or alternatively in game

    WoW Guild Rankings
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    About the Author

    By day I'm an IT Server analyst for a major telecoms compnay in the UK and I've been playing World of Warcraft since November 2005 when a pair of colleagues bullied me into playing! I have evolved into a raider (summer 2006), an auction house wheeler dealer (2007), a guild officer (2007), an altoholic (2008), a raid leader (2008), a Warcraft blogger (2010) and a PVPer (2012)

    My main has, and always will be Evlyxx, a priest and I love to heal. I started as Holy in vanilla, dabbled with the shadow side during the middle part of Burning Crusade, before returning to Holy but I have been mostly Discipline since mid-Wrath.

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