Cataclysm: Making Gold With Maelstrom Crystals

Making gold in Cataclysm has not been hard you herb, mine or skin and post your daily gatherings on the AH right? Sure its one way and I did this on day 1 and made a lot of gold in the process. But I’m not one for stating the obvious. Great success has also been had with Netherweave Bags, my poor old mage has been crafting literally hundreds of bags to keep up…

December 31, 2010

Flood and Blunder

Image courtesy of UK Jigsaw Puzzle Club This post has been specifically written for inclusion in the November Wow Gold Blogging Carnival over at Just My Two Copper, while not specifically a gold making blog I do from time to time cover my gold making activities in posts. As the end of Wrath nears I have focused more in-game time on learning the finer details of the art of gold making and along…

October 26, 2010